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    Our vision is to be a conduit of Christian training, resources, and people to support the building of local disciples to reach the unreached groups in Cambodia, fulfilling the Great Commission!

  • About Us

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    Cambodia is a country with a population of 17 million people. The country covers 181,035 km², or 165 times the size of Hong Kong. 65% of the country is under 30 years old, and 1% of Cambodians identify as Christians. It is estimated by the Joshua Project that 95.8% of the population is unreached, meaning the question being asked is not who is Jesus? - but what is Jesus?


    We have based the start of the ministry in Siem Reap, home of Angkor Wat, a top tourism destination in Asia. Tourism is just starting back again after COVID. There are many youth and migrant workers in the city, and the inequality between rich & poor is almost highest among their provinces.

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    Serving as a conduit between Cambodia, Hong Kong and the world

    • To fulfill the Great Commission by using innovative approaches to channel Christian training, resources, and people that supports the building of local disciples who will reach the unreached groups in Cambodia.


    • Connect partner Cambodian churches and organisations with Hong Kong and oversea Christians that are passionate about supporting Cambodia.
    • Identify and build opportunities for collaborations that will advance the Great Commission in Cambodia, bringing people, training and resources to the country.
    • We will seek innovative ways to do ministry, that are culturally sensitive, self-sustainable and focusing on empowering and co-creating all stakeholders and Cambodians to be the leaders.


    • Empower Stakeholders and Cambodians to be the changemaker
    • Enrich lives through the saving grace of Jesus Christ in HIS transformation
    • Engage in collaboration & co-creation with local and international partners.

    Our Beliefs and Affiliations

    We are a non-denominational Christian Organisation that follows the Lausanne Covenant as our statement of faith.

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    Founding Team

    Kelvin and Rainbow are the founding members of the ministry. They moved to Siem Reap Cambodia in March 2022 with their two young daughters Faith and Carys. They have a background in social innovation, non-profits, international development, church ministry and entrepreneurship. Having served short term for the past 8 years in Cambodia, They are called and committed for the long term development as the conduit between Cambodia and the surrounding regions. The family is an affliate missionaries of the Evangelical Free Church of China - Hong Kong Overseas missions board.

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    Accountability and Support Team

    This ministry is accountable and guided by an experienced group of members that have many years in Hong Kong and overseas mission field and from various sectors. We also have a team of volunteers supporting us in Hong Kong.


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    Project Collaborators

    We believe that by going together, we go further. We are always open to collaborate and co-create with local and international partners, where our joint knowledge and skills can create something unique and impactful in the community.  


  • Ministry

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    Ministry Model

    In a post-COVID world, the world has changed, and so has Cambodia. Many more people have access to smart phones and the internet. Even in the villages that we work in, there is high speed internet, connecting world class resources and teaching to young people. Let us create and embrace new innovative ways to be on cross-cultural mission.


    We feel that the new normal will inspire a new way of how empowering cross-cultural missions can be done in the 21st century. Our ministry is focused on one province in Cambodia, but through technology, we have people from several continents coming together to make all the ministry we do possible.


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    Core Projects

    We partner with organisations in Cambodia with a heart for the following

    • Building great quality disciple materials and programs, and using a train-the-trainer model to accelerate skills and knowledge transfer.
    • Using various sports as a way to connect with youth
    • Using social innovation to create new impactful solutions to the community.
    • Interested in cross cultural exchanges with overseas partners to inspire, encourage collaboration and co-creation.
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    Come and See!

    We will run several vision trips and receive service for groups and organisations that have the calling to get more involved in ministry in Cambodia.


    We welcome you to come visit and see all the amazing things that are happening in this country!


  • Support Us!

    Get involved with the ministry

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    Join us in prayer for the Great Commission!


    Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (ESV)

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    Financially support the vision of bringing Christians of all nations to come together to empower the next generation.

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    Partnership & Referrals!

    You've gotten this far! If you are inspired by what you have read so far, and have some ideas, or a referral of a contact, we would love to hear from you!

  • Contact us

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    Hong Kong Phone Number +852 9729 6630

    Hong Kong Phone Number +852 9856 7246

    Cambodia Phone Number: +855 9277 8379



    House 4, No. 103 Palm Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia.