• Founding Team

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    Kelvin and Rainbow are the founding members of the ministry. They moved to Siem Reap Cambodia in March 2022 with their two young daughters Faith and Carys. They have a background in social innovation, non-profits, international development, church ministry and entrepreneurship. Having served short term for the past 8 years in Cambodia, They are called and committed for the long term development as the conduit between Cambodia and the surrounding regions.


    Kelvin and Rainbow is an affliate missionaries of the Evangelical Free Church of China - Hong Kong Overseas missions board.

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    Kelvin Cheung

    Kelvin's Background Highlight:

    • Social Innovation / Social Enterprises
    • Incubators/ Start-up & Strategic planning
    • Change Management & International Development
    • Training/ Teaching/Coaching Experience
    • Amateur Cyclist

    Kelvin is passionate about serving young professionals (20-30s) in their search for purpose and meaning. In his work experience, he plays the role of the pioneer, bringing ideas into reality, or supporting start up organisations and youth entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market.


    He has worked in the social innovation and non-profit industry for 15 years. He first started in London in 2007, starting FoodCycle, a non-profit that brings together volunteers, surplus food and a vacant space to create nutritious and delicious meals for people affected by social isolation and food poverty in the United Kingdom. He stepped down as CEO in 2013 and in 2022, the charity continues to make an impressive impact, having over 70 locations in the UK.


    Kelvin moved back to Hong Kong in 2013 and worked for several years in the social impact sector, building a small social innovation start up incubator. He also led GoodLab, a social innovation consultancy which focuses on creating dialogue and collaborative solutions between citizens and government through the approach of design thinking.


    Before moving to Cambodia, Kelvin was given the opportunity to make a pivot to move into full time ministry. He was the Ministry Director at Saddleback Church Hong Kong for 3 years from 2019-2021. He supported the development of the ministry operations system, teach and coached members who were passionate about serving with their gifts to start new ministries in church. This was a precious experience in pastoral work at church setting.


    Alongside Rainbow, his wife, they have been to Cambodia many times to serve there on short term and as a family, they felt called to make the decision to serve there on long term as a family.

    Kelvin's educational and professional background include:


    • Bachelors Degree in History (Queens University, Canada)
    • Masters in International Development (SOAS, UK)
    • Masters in Theological Studies (Southwestern Baptist Seminary, USA)
    • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Alumni of World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Aspen Institute, Common Purpose, which are all global networks for non-profit sector leaders.


    Throughout his varied career, whether it's in a local community or across the world, Kelvin loves connecting like minded individuals together to collaborate on projects together and empowering people to find meaning and purpose in their lives through serving others in cross culture setting.


    Hobbies: Cycling, Spinning, Hiking, LEGO and Traveling

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    Rainbow Chow

    Rainbow's Background Highlight:

    • Social Innovation / Social Enterprises/ Education Innovation
    • Strategic Cross-Sectors Collaboration
    • Project Management & Service Development
    • Training/ Teaching/Coaching/ Counselling
    • Networking in Social Service

    Business & Education Sectors

    Rainbow is passionate to witness one's life being transformed by Jesus, especially our next generation, supporting them to develop personal growth that is Christ-centred.


    God has given Rainbow a diverse span of work experiences, being part of organisations in various stages of their growth journey. This includes being a social entrepreneur running a chain of dessert shops with mission at age 16, developing an education business with 19 early childhood education centres, building and running a parenting magazine, developing various social services from early childhood service to funerals & 20+ various social enterprises in one of the Hong Kong's largest NGOs, and the university deputy executive director of the social innovation department. Later, being a trainer and consultant for NGOs, corporates, governmental departments and education institutions.


    Rainbow also dedicated herself in voluntarily serving in Saddleback church Hong Kong since 2014, being the core leaders of various ministry development such as Prayer ministry, S.H.A.P.E coach, Couple & Parents ministry and the PEACE Plan, which is a global humanitarian development program for churches and an evangelical Christian mission.


    She developed a love for Cambodia during a backpacking trip to Siem Reap in 2009 and has been supporting various NGOs ever since, also empowering organisations that support children and young people from marginalised backgrounds.


    Rainbow has a strong interest in visual arts, and a belief that arts can be a part of daily life. Having previously held a fundraising gallery for Cambodian children featuring their artworks, she has witnessed the empowerment of using artistic talents as a means of living. In Hong Kong, she founded Microforests in 2013, which empowers marginalised mothers with childcare responsibilities to seek gainful flexi-hour job arrangements as designers, artists and workshop tutors.


    She holds different professional qualifications and educational background including

    • Bachelor of Social Work (HKU)
    • Master of Social Services Management (HKU)
    • Registered Hong Kong Social Worker
    • Member of The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
    • Nationally Accredited Family and Marriage Consultant
    • Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Registered Horticultural Therapist
    • Alumni of Salzbrug Global Fellows,  Common Purpose, The Hong Kong Youth Service Award,which are all global networks for non-profit sector leaders.

    Rainbow now is taking the online program of Master of Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Texas (USA). Rainbow deeply and humbly wants to use this diverse and unique experience to empower and enrich Cambodians to be the next generation of strong Christ-centred servant leaders to reach the unreached group, expanding God's kingdom work.


    Hobbies: Painting, Floral design, Argentina Tango, Hiking & Traveling.