• Ministry Collaborators

    We are on the constantly working and connecting with Hong Kong and Cambodian based organisations to find like-minded partners that share our vision of cross-cultural exchange, collaboration and partnership. 

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    True Hope Organisation

    True Hope Organisation is our local Cambodian NGO partner. Working in the community of Run Ta Aek, we provide education and personal development opportunities for the residents.


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    ICF Cambodia

    Planted 8 years ago, ICF Cambodia is a NGO providing social support and educationd in Siem Reap. With over 1,500 attendees for celebrations over the weekend, the campus offers many life enriching opportunities for personal and spiritual development. We've been on short term mission with ICF since 2016.

    They offer a truthful, relevant and exciting exposition of the Gospel to the community.


    We learn and share resources together on how to more effectively reach our ministry communities. Many of our local village outreach volunteers are members of ICF church.

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    Work of our Hands/Made 4This

    Work of our Hands is a Christian social enterprise that manufactures ethically sourced clothing for the local and international markets. Their workshop is based in the outskirts of Siem Reap produces clothing for clients all over the world.


    Made4This Fabrication is a fish farm business that produces bespoke and unique products for the domestic Cambodian market.


    We are working with Made4This to create a fish farm in Siem Reap, that will provide fish and income to the ministries that we work with.

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    Sow Charity Foundation

    Sow Charity Foundation is a Hong Kong Charity that uses a partnership approach, working with like-minded organisations to support pioneers in the education and social work sector to create the new approaches to create social impact. It provides accounting and administration support to our ministry here.


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    Hong Kong Association of Christian Missions (HKACM)

    It was established in 1979, it aims to unite churches, mission associations and mission agencies in Hong Kong to promote mission vision and mission together, and equip churches, mission associations and missionaries to develop better mission services, so as to promote The Gospel spreading to all races and peoples of the world.

    We are partnering with them on conducting workshops about mission education and training, as well as a conduit for more people to connect with on mission in Cambodia.

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    Supporting Churches

    We collaborate with several churches in Hong Kong. They provide spiritual coverage through prayer, and also serve together by sending mission teams over to Cambodia on vision and mission teams.


    These include:

    EFCC Kong Fok Tong

    Yan Fook Yuen Long Tong

    Light Church

    Christian &Missionary Alliance Evangelist Church (Fo Tan)

    CNEC Fellowship Church