• Ministry Model

    Our vision is to be a conduit of people, training, and resources across Asia to Cambodia

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    The Opportunity

    The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

    Matthew 9:37


    Christians have a responsibility to be part of the Great Commission (Matthew 28). However for many people, there is no clear individual approach how to accomplish this in their lives. In the Post-COVID 21st century, with many places well connected to the internet and with many people now accustomed to working and learning online, we see there is a huge opportunity to realise overseas mission and support in new innovative and collaborative approaches that will produce fruit.


    We aim to work with like-minded partners in Hong Kong and Cambodia to build new possibilities in cross-cultural overseas ministry in the Post-COVID era.

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    Why Hong Kong and Cambodia?

    Hong Kong has established churches, mission agencies and Christians of all ages with a heart to spread the Gospel in Asia. We have connections with these groups who are interested in knowing more about how to support Cambodia. As a regional transport hub that is well-connected which is just 3 hours from Cambodia by airplane, it is an ideal sending location.

    Cambodia currently has freedom of religion and the local Christian church has benefited from years of overseas mission support and Cambodia-led churches are emerging and leading the way to spiritual growth there. Lots of specialised, culturally appropriate and well- structured aid is still required from overseas.

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    Empowering Beneficial Partnerships for Cambodia

    Cross-cultural missions have had a mixed history. Foreign aid dependence, cultural imperialism, short term-ism, inefficiency, and other terms spring to mind.


    All cross-cultural missions are unique at different degree of effectiveness, and working with our advisors we intend to create long lasting partnerships between Cambodians and Hong Kong that will not just be another 'week-long' mission trip over the summer without any follow up.


    We intend to leverage on all the learning and wisdom in the mission field and various professions, and pilot new ways of working in partnership that are long term and beneficial to all stakeholders. Projects will be well structured and those 'on mission' will be extensively trained, especially in cross-cultural and right mind sets aspects. We will use online reach out and tools to open possibilities of being 'on mission'.